Grandstream Auto Provisioning Instructions

2020-06-16 11:39

Hero offers auto-provisioning for several Grandstream handsets.  Simply login to the Hero web portal and go to the 'Phones' page under the Voice tab

Click on Add a new phone and select 'Grandstream' from the Manufacturers list.  You will then be shown a list of Grandstream model phones that are supported by our auto-provisioning tool.  Select the model of phone you wish to configure and then fill in the details required including the MAC address for the phone.  This will be on the back of the phone or the box that the phone came in should also have the MAC address on a sticker attached to the box.

You can then configure which phone accounts you want to provision on the handset and configure the line keys on the phone as required (e.g. BLF keys to monitor other lines etc.). 

Once you have saved your new phone configuration - you then need to login to your Grandstream handset using the admin user and password (by default this is also admin) and then go to the 'Maintenance' menu option and select 'Upgrade and Provisioning'

Under the Config section, select HTTPS as the Config upgrade option and then enter as the 'Config Server Path'

Under the firmware section, select HTTPS as the Firmware upgrade option and then enter as the 'Firmware Server Path'

Then save the settings and click the 'Provision' link at the top of the page and the phone should now download the configuration you have created and do any necessary firmware updates on the phone.  Please be patient when a firmware upgrade is required as this can take several minutes.

If you have any questions about Grandstream phone provisioning then please contact our support team.

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