Grandstream HT801 - Auto Provisioning Process

2020-09-09 04:57

The Grandstream HT801 is an analogue telephone adaptor (ATA) that works well with the Hero system.  To make provisioning of these ATA's easier we have introduced an auto-provisioning tool in the Hero Web Portal so that the device is confgured automatically for you without you needing to set up the device manually yourself.  Below are the simple steps to achieve this:

Step 1  -  Login to the Hero Portal and go into the Voice tab and Select the 'Phones' page and click on add a new phone or you click the link below:

Step 2  -  Select 'Grandstream' as the manufacturer and 'Grandstream HT801' as the 'Phone type' and then fill in the form.  You will need to enter the MAC address of the Grandstream ATA which can be found in the web interface or on the back of the unit next to the 'MAC' label.  Then enter a description for the device and an admin/user password for management and whether you wish to enable call waiting or not for incoming calls (i.e. take a 2nd call when already on one).  Finally select the phone number you wish to use on the Grandstream HT801 and then press 'Add new phone'

Step 3  -  Factory Reset the HT801 first by plugging in the ATA and holding a pin in the Reset hole at the back of the unit for up to 10 seconds.  This will wipe the settings on the ATA

Step 4  -  Plug in and turn on the Grandstream ATA and connect a Phone to the phone port

Step 5  -  Dial ***02 from the phone handset and you should hear the IP address of the ATA read back to you.  Take note of this IP address.

Step 6  -  Enter the IP address you heard in Step 3 into your web browser on a computer which is connected to the same network as the ATA.  You should see the Grandstream Login page

Step 7  -  Login to the Grandstream ATA using the Username 'admin' and Password 'admin'

Step 8  -  Click on the 'Advanced Settings' page and scroll down to the 'Fimrware Upgrade and Provisioning' Settings and select Upgrade via HTTPS and then enter '' in both the Firmware and Config Server Path fields:

Step 9  -  Now click the 'Apply' button at the bottom of the page and then click the 'Reboot' button to reset the device.

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