Grandstream Analogue Telephone Adaptor - Manual Configuration

2020-09-01 01:17

Grandstream's Analogue Telephone Adaptors come in several models including the HT701, HT801 and many others.  The instructions below are the main settings you need to change on these ATA's to work with Hero's platforms.  If the setting is not listed below then it is likely you can leave that setting as the Factory Default setting

FXS Page Settings

  • Account Active:  Yes
  • Primary SIP Server:
  • Prefer Primary SIP Server:  Yes
  • Outbound Proxy:
  • SIP Transport:  TLS (recommended)
  • SIP URI Scheme When Using TLS:  sip
  • NAT Traversal:  Keep-Alive
  • SIP User ID:  <your phone number>  (e.g. 092420000)
  • Authenticate ID:  <your phone number>  (e.g. 092420000)
  • Authenticate Password:  <your phone password>
  • Name:  <your phone number>  (e.g. 092420000)
  • DNS Mode:  A Record
  • SIP Registration:  Yes
  • Unregister On Reboot:  No
  • Outgoing Call without Registration:  Yes
  • Register Expiration:  5
  • SIP Registration Failure Retry Wait Time:  20
  • Local SIP Port:  5061
  • Local RTP Port:  5004
  • Preferred DTMF method Priority:  RFC2833, SIP INFO, in-audio
  • Disable Call-Waiting:  No  (change to Yes if you don't want to be interrupted on a call)
  • Ring Timeout: 120  (or leave at 60 if preferred)
  • No Key Entry Timeout:  4  (adjust this timeout to your preference)
  • Use # as Dial Key:  Yes
  • Dial Plan:  {[2-9]xxxxxx|0[34679][2-9]xxxxxx|0210xxxxxxx|021[12]xxxxxx|021[3-9]xxxxx|02[0279]x+|0240xxxxxx|024[1-9]xxxxxxx|0282[4-5]xxxxxx|050xxxxxxx|070xxxxxxx|080xxxxxxx|00xxxxxxx+|01[08]|017xx|12[356]|[19]11|*55|023xxxxxxxx|01[1234569]x+|02[56]x+|028[013456789]x+|0282[0123467890]|0282[01236789]|05[1-9]x+|08[1-9]x+|0[34679][0-1]x+|*x+|**x+|[1-9]x+}
  • Preferred Vocoder Order:  PCMA, G722, G729, PCMU, iLBC, OPUS, G723, G726-32
  • VAD:  No
  • Fax Mode:  T.38
  • Jitter Buffer Type:  Adaptive  (Change to Fixed if you have voice quality problems)
  • Jitter Buffer Length:  Medium  (Change to High if you have voice quality problems)
  • Caller ID Scheme:  Bellcore/Telcordia
  • Gain:  TX 0dB, RX -6dB  (Change to adjust Transmit and Receive Volumes)
  • Enable Call Features:  No  (Recommended to use our Cloud features)

If you are connecting your Grandstream ATA to a Fax machine then please adjust the settings as followed:

  • Disable Call-Waiting:  Yes
  • Disable Call-Waiting Caller ID:  Yes
  • Disable Call-Waiting Tone:  Yes
  • Jitter Buffer Type:  Fixed
  • Jitter Buffer Length:  High
  • Disable Line Echo Canceller (LEC):  Yes
  • Disable Network Echo Suppressor:  Yes
  • Fax Mode:  T.38
  • Re-INVITE After Fax Tone Detected:  Enabled
  • Preferred Vocoder choice 1:  PCMA

If you believe any of these settings are incorrect or you have any feedback then please contact our Support Team.

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