SessionTalk SIP Softphone for iPhone

2020-08-18 08:58

If you have an iPhone then we recommend you use the Hero Connect iPhone App if possible which can be downloaded from the App Store using the link below:

However, if you are having problems with the Hero App running on your softphone or our push notification system not reliably 'waking up' your App then another option is to run the SessionTalk App instead which can 'stay awake' in the background of your phone.  This does use more battery but may prove to be a better option for you.

Below are the setup instructions on how to setup the SessionTalk client to connect to Hero.

Step 1 - Download the SessionTalk App from the Apple App Store using the link below:

Step 2 - Start the App once downloaded and accept any requests to access your iPhone device on start-up.  Then you will see the 'Create Account' page.  You should click on the first option "Generic SIP"

Step 3 - In the Account Screen enter the following details:

  • Account Name:  Hero
  • UserName:  <your phone number>  (for example 092420001)
  • Password:  <your password>
  • Domain:

Step 4 - Next press 'Advanced' and enter the following settings:

  • Voicemail No.:  *55
  • Subscribe MWI:  Enabled
  • SIP Transport:  tls

Step 5 - Exit the Advanced settings and then Save your settings and the App should now register and login to Hero and you will be able to make and receive calls.

NOTE: Do not exit the App or Kill the App.  You must leave the App running in the background at all times while you want to use the App.  Simply go back to your Home screen and leave the App running in the background.  Your battery will run down more quickly than usual but the App should continue to receive calls at all times without a delay or push notification required to wake up the App for you.

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