Call Parking

2018-11-17 01:52

Call Parking

Call parking is a feature that allows a person to put a call on hold at one phone and continue the conversation from another phone.

Whilst on a call a person can decide to put that call on hold by transfering the call to *07. The user will then hear a parking extension read back to them (e.g. 700). If your phone does not have an attended transfer button, then you can do this using our inband transfer feature which means dialing #0 during the call followed by *07#. The caller will then be put on hold and hear music on hold until somebody retrieves the call by dialing *1 followed by the parking extension number (e.g. *1 700). Then the parked caller and the new phone will be connected. If the parking times out because nobody has retrieved the call then the parked call will be returned to the person who originally parked the call - or it can also be forwarded to another number if preferred.

Call parking and retrieval can only be done by phones that are on the same account AND in the same group. If you enable call parking on an extension then call parking will become automatically available to all other phones in that group without having to enable the feature on every line.

To park a call transfer the call to: *07 
 (To park a call to a specific parking extension you can also dial *07xx (e.g. *0705 will park the call on slot 705)

To retrieve a parked call from an extension dial: *1xxx - where xxx is the extension you wish to retrieve
(For example to retrieve a call from extensions 705 you would dial *1705. You may also dial *17 and enter the extension after the prompt)

Quick Guide

  1. Log into > Voice tab and select the number you want to set up Caller Parking on.
  2. Select Other Settings > Call Parking.
  3. Click Enable Call Parking and select your settings for parking which will apply to all lines in the same account and group.
  4. Click Save settings to update.
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