Presence and Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

2018-11-17 01:58

Presence and Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

This guide applies to the Polycom and Yealink IP handsets.

Enable subscriptions on your line so that others can monitor your line status for Presence and Busy Lamp Field (BLF). This is a two step process by adjusting setting on CloudPBX and your handset.

Quick Guide

Step 1: Setting up Presence and BLF on CloudPBX

  1. Log into > Voice tab and select the number you want to use Presence & BLF.
  2. Select Other Settings >Presence and BLF.
  3. Click Enable Presence/BLF on this line only.
  4. Click Save settings to update.

Setting up Presence and BLF on your Polycom

  1. Settings > Directories > Contacts Directory > 1.
  2. Add (+) : Name, Last Name (optional), Contact (requires full number including country / area code)
  3. Protocol –> SIP (only for VVX500, 600)
  4. Watch Buddy –> Enable
  5. SAVE
  6. Select contact –> Add to favorites (if you want the contact to appear on the home screen of your keypad).

Setting up BLF on your Yealink

  1. Select DSSKey tab
  2. Select the line key you wish to monitor
  3. Set Type to BLF
  4. Set Value to the phone number you wish to monitor
    NB requires country / area code (e.g. 092420000)
  5. Click Confirm to save and apply

When configured, the LEDs should light up accordingly on your Yealink.

  • Green: extension is available. Press BLF key to dial extension.
  • Red: extension is on a call
  • Blinking red: extension is receiving a phone call. Press BLF key to perform pick-up.
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