Auto Attendant (IVR)

2018-11-15 22:27

Auto Attendant IVR

Auto Attendant is your virtual receptionist or IVR, that can greet all inbound calls and direct the caller to the department they requirer. Example: “Welcome to Our Company if you would like to speak to our customer service team press one, accounts press two….”

With Auto Attendant you can:

  • Use time schedules to set when your auto attendant in be active.
  • Set a time for response time, before the Auto Attend message replays.
  • Choose how many times to replay Auto Attend message, before the calls get directed to the number Auto Attend is set up on.
  • Create a greeting only. Limit the Auto Attendant to a greeting message then use the call forward to route the call once the greeting message completes (see simple Quick Guide – Greeting Only).

Quick Guide

Setting up Auto Attendant with Call Fowarding

  1. Log in to your > Voice and select number you wish to set up Auto Attendant.
  2. Select Incoming Calls > Auto Attendant.
  3. Either record your Auto Attendant message by dialing *22 or upload your recording in Media.
  4. Set your time you want your Auto Attendant play.
  5. Select the numbers you want to use for in your Auto Attendant. Note: If you are planning on using extension think about creating cohesion with your extension dialing numbers.
  6. Click Save settings to update your settings (see Quick Guide – Simple Queue below).


Quick Guide

Setting up Auto Attendant – Greeting Only

  1. Log in to your > Voice and select number you wish to set up Auto Attendant.
  2. Select  Incoming Calls > Auto Attendant.
  3. Set your Target numbers and time schedules.
  4. Set Seconds to Wait: 2 Times to play: 1 (see screen shot below)
  5. DO NOT set forwarding numbers within the AutoAttendant (see screen shot below)
  6. Set Call Forward: Use Forwarding and trunking to route the call to the required function (eg Queue or SimRing)
  7. Click Save settings to update your settings.
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