VDSL Setup Instructions - Draytek DV130 example

2020-09-02 06:15

General Instructions

Hero make our Internet connections as simple as possible for users to configure.  Rather than having to login with username/password and realms etc. we do NOT support PPP at all and instead the user sends a simple DHCP request on their WAN port instead and Hero will return an IP address to the router.

Here are some generic settings for most ADSL/VDSL routers

Internet Access -> PPPoE / PPPoA Client Mode
PPPoE / PPPoA Client = Disabled  (remove any username/password settings)

WAN Internet Access -> MPoA / Static or Dynamic IP
MPoA = Enabled
Multi-PVC channel = should be disabled, as enabled by some other menu
Encapsulation = 1483 Bridged
VPI = 0
VCI = 110
Vlan = Enable
VID = 10
Priority = 0
MTU = 1500
RIP = No
Bridge Mode = Disabled (unless required)
WAN IP Network Settings = Obtain an IP Address Automatically
DNS Servers = Should be able to leave blank and our DHCP service will send these to the router

Screenshots for Draytek DV130 VDSL router

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