How do I connect to Hero and make phone calls?

2018-11-17 02:32

Hero is an Internet delivered phone service.  We do not supply traditional phone lines to your home like Spark.  You will need a broadband internet connection, 4G or Wifi to use our services.  We recommend customers use the Hero Applications to connect to our service if they do not already have their own SIP (VOIP) enabled phone, device or PBX.  These applications run on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets as well. 

Customers are also free to use another SIP softphone application such as X-Lite. Click here for instructions on how to setup X-Lite

If customers do not want to use software on their Smartphone or PC to make calls then you can also buy a hardware phone that is SIP Compliant.  We recommend Yealink, Cisco and Polycom handsets for this.  Please contact if you require assistance selecting a physical handset/solution.

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