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2018-11-17 01:59

Making Conference Calls

When keeping your team connected is important use the CloudPBX Conference Calls function. You can use your Cloud PBX number to create your own personalised conference calls. This makes it easy be connected with staff and customers.

Quick Guide

  1. Log into  > Voice tab and select the number you wish to set up Conference Calling on.
  2. Select Other Settings > Conferencing
  3. Select Conference type as voice conference.
  4. Choose a pin (if required)
  5. Select conference service option. If you only want to allow chosen numbers to join the conference call, add the numbers in the box.
  6. Select Disable conference recordings if you don’t wish to record the conference call.
  7. Click Save settings to update.

Conference Recordings

Each conference can be automatically recorded and sent to the subscribers default email address as an email with a MP3 file attachment.

In-call functions

  • Mute/Unmute self
  • Lock/Unlock room
  • Eject last user
  • Increase/Decrease conference volume
  • Increase/Decrease personal volume
  • Conference Music on Hold.


The number of participants into your conference bridge is only limited by the number of channels allocated to your account.

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