Call Setup API

2020-06-30 02:26

Hero offers a basic call setup API which allows a user to setup a phone call between 2 phone numbers using a simple web query.  The 2 phone numbers do not need to be on Hero's network, however if this is the case please be aware that you will be billed for 'both' legs of the call to both the Caller (A Party) and Called (B Party) numbers.


Parameters: (Both POST or GET method accepted)

login (mandatory) The Hero phone number which is setting up this call.  This will be the phone number that will be billed for the call.  e.g. 092420001
password   (mandatory) This is the password for the phone number used for the call setup.  Please note that this may not be the 'account' password - but is the password for this individual line
aparty (mandatory) This is the 'calling' party leg of the call.  This is the 1st leg of the call which must answer the call before the 2nd leg of the call is setup
bparty (mandatory) This is the 'called' party leg of the call.  This is the 2nd leg of the call and is only setup if the aparty has accepted the call setup

(optional) Delay in seconds for the call setup.  Otherwise if not specified then the call will be established immediately.

GET Example:************&aparty=092420001&bparty=123&delay=1

Example Failure JSON Responses:

{"Result":"-1","Status":"Error","Message":"Login not Specified"}

{"Result":"-1","Status":"Error","Message":"Password incorrect"}


Example Success JSON Response:

{"Result":"1","Status":"Success","Message":"Call Setup Successful"}

If you require further information on our Call Setup API then contact our support team.

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