Huawei HG659 Fibre Broadband Setup

2020-06-11 06:08

To set up your modem, simply open a web browser on your computer and type the default gateway address in the address bar.

Default username - Admin
Default password - Should be written on the back of the router.  or @last 8 characters of serial number. (@XXXXXXXX)
Or for few models,
Default username - !!Huawei
Default password - @HuaweiHgw

  • Click Internet from the top menu
  • Click “Internet Settings” from the left menu
  • Locate and select your connection type
  • Internet connection: Internet_Ethernet
  • Click “Edit

Ensure the following settings are changed:
1. Enable Connection: Ticked
2. Service Type: tick Internet (TR069 and Voice not ticked)
3. Connection Type: IP Routing (IP)
4. MRU: 1500
5. MSS: 0
6. NAT Type: NAPT
7. Enable VLAN: Ticked
8. VLAN ID: 10
9. 802.1p: 0
10. IP Protocol Version: IPV4
11. IPV4 addressing type: DHCP
12. Static DNS: Unticked
13. Click: Save


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